a virtual assistant pet for Decentraland.

Mint to create a new Compicactus. It will have a unique combination of accessories, background and skin color. Play Golfcraft to mint!


After you mint a compicactus, it’s time to give a name to your buddy. Go to the compicenter and use the rename machine!

To make it truly yours you can teach Compicactus to talk! It can communicate using text, sound, images and video! Use the training machine at the compicenter.


Building an intelligent virtual friend is the ultimate challenge for Artificial Intelligence and we, with our web3 superpowers are set to accomplish exactly that!

And with “we” I mean you, us, the community that we are building around Compicactus. The funds will be used to build a DAO to host hackatons and bounties. We must attract talented AI researchers from around the globe, that helps us disrupt the way we interact with machines!

Did I mention that all the development is open source and decentralized?
Be part of this community. Is time to make some friends!


Go to the downloads section.


Go to the Compicenter, in Decentraland, to mint, name and train your Compicactus. 


Click to open the roadmap


You can get a Compicactus on OpenSea or by playing GolfCraft.

You can get Compicactus for free by playing Golfcraft or you can buy it in the secondary market.

Will be 10010 Compicactus.

A Compi is a virtual being, can be your friend or your workmate.

Yes, Compis are compatible with any NFT running on Polygon.

The mission is to create an AI framework for the creation of virtual beings (a Compi).